make your own wine

at home or in store

Grape Expectations is a purveyor of fine winemaking kits and supplies necessary to make wine in home or our store.

Our mission is to provide our customers with high standards and an unforgettably fun experience while making their own wine. Our passion is helping people with winemaking in our store or in your very own home.

about us

We start by teaching you how to make wine juice varietals purchased from regions all over the world such as California, France, Spain, Germany, Australia, and Chile.

We provide the appropriate advice and support (telephone, email, and in person)throughout your winemaking journey.

The hobby of wine making provides financial savings and superior quality wine available in the marketplace. All you need to contribute is time and willingness to have fun!

If you are an experienced wine maker or just getting started, we have what you need. From the beginning, our instructions make wine making simple. Walk out of our store with 30 bottles of low sulfite wine.

It’s fun, easy and delicious!

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