About Us

Owners Kurt Lindeman and Judi Pobst first fell in love with Grape Expectations when they were introduced to the store and wine making over a decade ago. They began making their favorite wines at home and later decided to let the experts at Grape Expectations lend a hand. Kurt’s favorite Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon was dubbed “Kurt’s Cab” because he ordered it so often. Judi prefers the dry whites and Roses and they always had at least 2 carboys brewing at any time. Although 30 bottles of wine sounds like a lot, it goes fast, especially when shared with family & friends! And good things take time so they knew they had to keep the wine brewing to keep up with the demand for their favorite no to low sulfite, high quality wines!

Being frequent customers, when the previous owners decided to sell, Kurt & Judi were among the first they asked. Kurt and Judi, already gainfully self-employed, resisted as long as possible, but when they thought their favorite store may close forever, that was simply unacceptable.  That’s when they “accidentally” bought the business, as Judi likes to say. In 2016, Judi, Kurt, and along with Kurt’s sister Kim Lindeman, became the proprietors of Grape Expectations, LLC.

Critical to this decision was the retention of Grape Expectation’s tenured, loyal manager, Julie Glover. Julie connected with  “The Grape” when working at an insurance agency next door to the store. Julie began working part time for the Grape’s former owners, David and Denise Fialkosky, and when she became available full time, they snatched her up. Julie is the mainstay of the store, an expert on its products and services and always ready to coach on the wine making process with a smile. Come visit our new location in the Gulf Harbors community in New Port Richey and find out why Julie’s customers rave about her and Grape Expectations! Cheers!